The Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register was established in 1969 to encourage the use, restoration and preservation of the Talbot, Sunbeam Talbot and Sunbeam cars manufactured by the Rootes Group between 1936 and 1957.

The Sunbeam Talbot Register – often referred to as ‘STAR’ – caters for cars as diverse as side-valve Talbot and Sunbeam Talbot 10 horsepower saloons, coupes and tourers, the slightly larger 2 litre models, and the big 3 and 4 litre cars which, apart from saloon, coupe and tourer versions, also carried ‘bespoke’ bodywork by companies such as Thrupp and Maberly and the Carlton Carriage Company. STAR also caters for post-war overhead valve Sunbeam Talbot 80 and 90 saloons and coupes, Mark I and III Sunbeam Alpines, and Sunbeam Mark III saloons and coupes built until production ceased in 1957.

The Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register is dedicated to helping its members maintain their cars in a roadworthy condition without necessarily being to concours standard. A varied range of social and competitive events are organised by the club throughout the year, and a bi-monthly magazine called STARDUST is published which contains a good selection of members’ news, technical information and advertisements.


is hereby given to be held at 10..00 hrs on SATURDAY 9th July 2016 at The Parsonage Hotel. Escrick YO19 6EY

The Agenda, Minutes and Accounts together with all other Committee Reports including Regional Reports will be published in the June edition of Stardust. Questioning of the Club Officers with regard to their Reports and any updates will take place on the day. The Committee look forward to seeing you at the AGM and would welcome your contributions to the meeting in accordance with the Rules. Your attention is drawn to the following:-

In accordance with Club Rules 10.5.(b) nominations for Committee positions must be duly proposed and seconded with the acceptance of the nominee and such proposals to be communicated in writing to the Club Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM and (c) Items for the Agenda including any motions for debate must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary six weeks prior to the AGM.

Committe posts for election this year are:

CHAIRMAN – John Badger not standing for re-election

EDITOR – Derek Cook standing for re-election

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Bill Hall standing for re-election


8th to 10th July

Please see EVENTS calendar and issue 242 (Feb 2016) of STARDUST for full details.


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Mk2a pencil sketch

This sketch is by Frank Wootton (1914 – 1998) and was used on the dust jacket of the 1955 2nd. edition of Wootton’s “How to Draw Cars” Vol.2