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Example Listing


STAR member Ken Sparkes is in the process of compiling a register of all known OHV 80’s, 90’s and Alpines built between 1949 and 1957. As you will appreciate, this is an immense task and one that STAR is keen to support. It is, of course, heavily dependant on input from the cars owners. So, if you would like to contribute to Ken’s efforts then please send your car’s details to him. You can do this in one of two ways, either by email or by posting the details to him.

To enable Ken maintain a consistent order of detail there is a form you are asked to complete. This form can be printed from this website by following this link.

Once you have completed this form, please send it to Ken Sparkes either by email to k.c.sparkes@btinternet.com or by post to:

Ken Sparkes
3 Cooks Lane
PE28 5XQ

The following is a sample page from the register Ken is compiling. As you can see, it is dependant upon input from the owners of all known cars. However, should you wish to remain anonymous and not have your name associated with your car, then that is not a problem. Just make it known on the form and Ken will happily oblige. After all, this is a register of the CARS, not the owners.

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2 Responses to Ken Sparkes 80’s, 90’s & Alpine Register

  1. Robert Smith (Tasmania) says:

    I sent my photograph about five years ago.This book seems to have been ‘cooking’ for years. When is it likely to appear?

    • STAR says:

      A good question Robert, and thanks for raising it. The project has been on hold for some time now due to health problems Ken has had to deal with, not just himself but family also.
      We have now identified some volunteers to help Ken progress it so we are hopeful the book will appear in the near future.
      John Badger

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