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Sold as seen. Stored in a shed for over 20 years. Here we go on the journey of building Alpine number three.IMG_1235 IMG_1251 IMG_1255 IMG_1168 IMG_1166 - Copy IMG_0952 IMG_0950 IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0764 IMG_0765 IMG_0920 IMG_0935 IMG_0938 IMG_0754 IMG_0753 IMG_0746 IMG_0744 IMG_0740 IMG_0738 IMG_0737 IMG_0736 IMG_0889 IMG_0897 IMG_0895 IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0711 IMG_0726 IMG_0733 IMG_0888 IMG_0886 IMG_0885 IMG_0884 IMG_0883 IMG_0882 IMG_0793 IMG_0786 IMG_0767 IMG_0769 IMG_0771 IMG_0772 IMG_0774 IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0766 IMG_0706 IMG_0710 IMG_0690 IMG_0712 IMG_0701 IMG_0680 IMG_0647 IMG_0647 IMG_0603 IMG_0679 IMG_0632 IMG_0621 IMG_0679 IMG_0644 IMG_0541 IMG_0621 IMG_0552 IMG_0540 IMG_0539 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0536

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8 Responses to Build Blog

  1. Region Two STAR says:

    Another one saved, well done.
    Cheers ,

  2. Thanks Chris. Well, trying. Become unstuck with build of sills. Inner parts. A and B post sections. Do not have drawings/measurements. Any ideas?

    • Mike Murphy says:

      Hello Stephen, I know it has been 7 months and was wondering if you have gotten the information that you needed to rebuild the sills? I have just had mine rebuilt and have some good pictures of the work that was done. I can provide them is you still need any of the information.

      Keep up the good work!
      Mike Murphy, Richmond Virginia USA

  3. Mike Murphy says:

    Hello Stephen,
    6 months later…. how to I get pictures to you? I have a couple good views of how mine were rebuilt.

  4. Hallo Mike and Stephen,
    I am Rob and live in the Netherlands .
    I have 2 Sunbeam Talbot Alpines,one for restoration and one have buy on a site in
    Can you send me also the pictures about the sills??
    My english is very bad,but I hope that you know what I mean.

    Best regards

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